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All About Allergies

All About Allergies

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my name is Audrey Cha

Rutgers University
Class of 2026

F.A.R.E Teen Advisory Group

SPOKIN App Content Manager & Ambassador

Above the Clouds

The Beginnings

"All About Allergies was created in an effort to uplift my voice and spread awareness about allergies, specifically towards the youth community. I was born with over a dozen severe anaphylactic food allergies, and found that it was often difficult for my peers to understand how to care for me. Therefore, I built my platform around providing free family friendly resources that can appeal to younger kids, and help them to understand the life of someone with food allergies. It has been such a fulfilling journey so far seeing how enthusiastic and willing the children are to learn and accept differences. I hope that step-by-step, we can all work towards breaking the stigma around food allergies and forming a more inclusive community for all. I'm so excited to be able to share my journey with you, and I hope you stick around!"

-Audrey Cha

 Creator of All About Allergies

Coming Soon: Recipes!

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