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All About Allergies


my name is Audrey Cha

High School Junior

Class of 2022

F.A.R.E Teen Allergy Group

Born with over a dozen food allergies

Image by David van Dijk

Welcome to my All About Allergies website! My name is Audrey Cha, and I am currently a high school student making an effort to uplift my voice and spread awareness about allergies. I was born with over a dozen severe food allergies, including wheat, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts, shellfish, pea, chickpea, and more. After several years of living in fear of my anaphylactic symptoms, I have learned how to accept my allergies and how to manage them. For those suffering with allergies, I hope my content can help them to become better knowledgeable about their bodies as well as discover new food options. My wish is that through my help, people will learn to no longer fear their allergies, but come to accept them! For those who do not have allergies, but wish to learn more about them, I hope that they can gain some insight into the lives of people with allergies and understand how to care for them. Please feel free to ask me any questions or leave me comments through my website's contact section, email, or Instagram DM!