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All About Allergies

my name is Audrey Cha

High School Senior
Class of 2022

F.A.R.E Teen Advisory Group

SPOKIN App Summer Intern

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About Me!

"My name is Audrey Cha, and I am currently a high school student making an effort to uplift my voice and spread awareness about allergies. I was born with over a dozen severe anaphylactic food allergies. After several years of being insecure about my allergies, I have learned how to accept, manage, and adapt to them! This process took lots of time, so don't worry if you do not feel the same sense of security yet. I hope that with my free informational resources, you will learn how to be more comfortable in your bodies despite any dietary restrictions.

Through my recent years of being involved in the food allergy community, I have met so many new people and have made lifelong friends. I definitely feel a lot less alone than I did before my activism. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of my food allergy journey, and thank you for stopping by my page!"

-Audrey Cha

 Creator of All About Allergies

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